Drive your truck and run over zombies


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Vroom! is a racing game in which the players put themselves behind the wheel of a truck and speed off down the racetrack to run over zombies and compete on different circuits.

This version of the game for Windows (the original is for iOS) includes only three different racetracks and only one vehicle (the protagonist's blue truck), but in spite of the scarcity of options it offers a good dose of fun thanks to its very playable concept, very similar to the mythic Carmageddon.

The objective of every race is to arrive at the finish line in the least time possible, and on the way running over as many zombies as you can find in your path, dispatching them spectacularly as they fly off the road, blood-spattered. The game's physics engine helps greatly with this, as it does with our control of the vehicle.

Vroom! is a really fun racing game that, although short and a bit lacking in gameplay modes, offers graphics and a mechanism that almost reach a professional level.